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Bulldog Studs - Top Bulldog Stud Dog Club

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Stud service is subject to stud owner’s approval of bitch at the discretion of the stud owner. All transactions are between stud owner and owner of the bitch.
Bulldog Stud MBISS GCH Aguirre's Lloyd Britches (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud MBISS GCH Aguirres Lloyd Britches a Champion Bulldog Stud
 Ch. Millcoats Geronimo
 Ch Flippins Scout
 Flippins My Bonnie
GCH Aguirre's Son of Scout
 Ch. Aguirre's Big Boy Jr
 CH Aguirre's Dancin Days are Here Again
 Aguirre's Artea
 CH Cherokee Mardel Rudy Vallee
 BCA Natl 2x BISS CH Graybull's Charm N Valley Boy
 Graybulls Third Times A Charm
Aguirre's Pie Oh My
 Ch. Aguirre's Big Boy Jr
 CH Aguirre's Dancin Days are Here Again
 Aguirre's Artea
InGlory's Bulldogs
David & Jeanie Kauffman
Mohrsville, PA 19541
(610)223-7787 dave@caredible.com inglorys.com

Bulldog Stud CH. & JR CH. Valley Bulls Burton at Castlewood (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud CH. & JR CH. Valley Bulls Burton at Castlewood a Champion Bulldog Stud
 CH Valleybull Silver Sailor at Merriveen
 Int. & Spanish Ch. Bullyoyo Lobezno at La Chata
 Katiuska at La Chata
Spanish Ch. Bullyoyo Sweet Dreams
 Ocobo Maximus
 Spanish Ch, BOY '07, '08 Bullyoyo Ginebra
 Bullyoyo Cool Cofee
 Eng CH Mystyle Rolex Ocobo
 CH Hillbull Heeza Lord Mystyle
 Hillbull Red River Dancer
La Chata United Air Freight
 CH Valleybull Silver Sailor at Merriveen
 La Chata Perkins
 Boot White de Can de Fly
Castlewood Bulldogs
Dawn Castillo
Caulfield, MO 65626
417-274-1881 info@castlewoodbulldogs.com www.castlewoodbulldogs.com

Bulldog Stud Ch.Odoms Alabama Ace In The Hole (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud Ch.Odoms Alabama Ace In The Hole a Champion Bulldog Stud
 Ch. Only Ralph Lauren
 Ch. Legacy Only Calvin Klein
 Hurricane Legacy Irish Red
Ch. Cherokee Legend Dreamchaser
 Ch. Legacy's Cajun Zeus
 Cherokee Legend Peggy Sue
 Cherokee Legend Beatrice
 Bis.Biss.Ch. Millcoats Titus
 Ch. Beauties Amos
 Ch. Beauties Repeat
Annies Lady Of The Mountain
 Master Winston of Cedar Lane
 K-Sand's Amazing Gracie Lane
 Krista Lane
Odoms Bulldogs
Carolyn(Penny) and Larry Odom
Fairhope, AL 36532
251 455-9807 odomsdogs@earthlink.net www.odomsbulldogs.com

Bulldog Stud CH. Taggart Ain't Misbehavin (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud CH. Taggart Aint Misbehavin a Champion Bulldog Stud
 BISS Ch. Legacy's Cajun Zeus HOF
 Ch. Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy HOF
 Cherokee Legend Beatrice
BISS Ch. Adamant Warlock HOF
 BISS Ch. Roscoe's White Lightning HOF
 Adamant Staypuft Marshmellow HOF
 Ch. Unionmac Rave Review
 CH Millcoats Titus (HOF)
 CH Dingmans Badger Redman
 Taggarts Diva Hot Stuff Baby
Taggarts Bulldogs
Deonna Moore
Searcy, AR 72143
501-230-9086 tagbull@prodigy.net www.taggartsbulldogs.com

Bulldog Stud CH CASH'S OH MY GOSH (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud CH CASHS OH MY GOSH a Champion Bulldog Stud
 CH J. Peru San Simon Bulls Gaston
 INT CH Rembombory Trichet
 Rembombory Madonna
CH De Lemavos Bull Amos Boy Hard
 CH J. Peru San Simon Bulls Gaston
 CH Rembombory Cacharel
 CH Rembombory Becka
 CH Cherokee Legend Floyd
 CH Exact Classic Sugar Ray
 CH Cherokee Jamaris Vivian
B-Loved Funky Cold Medina
 CH B-Loved Bookman Of Bulldog U
 B-Loved First Edition (Pointed)
 Dulcinea's Bahama Breeze (Major Pointed)
Christie & Lisa Cash
Owingsville, KY 40360
606-674-9873 cashsbullbabies@windstream.net www.cashsbullbabies.com

Bulldog Stud MBISS GCh K's Note-A-Bul Cisco Kid, HOF (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud MBISS GCh Ks Note-A-Bul Cisco Kid, HOF a Champion Bulldog Stud
 CH Adamant Warlock
 CH Silverspoon's Nothing Personal
 Silverspoons Born Into the Lace
CH K's Note-A-Bul Arizona, HOF
 CH K's Note-A-Bul Hummer
 CH K's Note-A-Bul Joyeux Noel
 K's Note-A-Bul Ethyl Merman
 CH Cherokee Legend Garth
 CH Little Ponds Chief
 CH Little Ponds Splash
CH K's Note-A-Bul Cecelia
 CH Note-A-Bul Hooked On a Feelin
 CH Ks Note-A-Bul Betya By Goli Wow
 K's Note-A-Bul Vanilla Ice
K's Note-A-Bul Bulldogs
Karan and Rudy Kilgus
Congerville, IL 61729
309-448-2452 noteabul@gmail.com www.ksnoteabulbulldogs.com

Bulldog Stud GCH. CHEROKEE ORIGIN JUST JOHNNY (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud GCH. CHEROKEE ORIGIN JUST JOHNNY a Champion Bulldog Stud
 CH. Zotoluco Villanueva
 Fiona Villanueva
GCH. Hetherbull Topline O-O
 CH. Marinebull's All The Way
 CH. Hetherbull Topline Talk About Me
 Hetherbull Arrogant Vivi
 CH. Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse
 CH. Empires Cleopatra
Cherokee Legend Moneypenny
 CH. Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
 Cherokee Ultimate Emma
 CH. Cherokee Isabel II
Cody T Sickle & Connie Chambers
Indianapolis, IN and Oyster Bay Cove, NY
(516)721-1279 cherokeebulldogs@yahoo.com www.cherokeelegendbulldogs.com

Bulldog Stud GCH Major League Roland Bailey (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud GCH Major League Roland Bailey a Champion Bulldog Stud
 GCH Cherokee Legend Rock
 CH Cherokee Ultimate Plato
GCH Just Lonestar Bright Lights Big City
 CH Cherokee Legend Pretty Boy
 Ch Cherokee Just Delicious
 Cherokee Heavensent Starlet
 Ch Graybulls Martin Miller
GCH Major League Ruffian
 CH Adamant Warlock
 Major League Leading Lady
Momma's Bullies
Nancy Brown
Golden, CO 80401
7202903546 mommasbullies@yahoo.com www.mommasbullies.net

Bulldog Stud CH Jan's Star Chaser (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud CH Jans Star Chaser a Champion Bulldog Stud
 Ch Trimbull Zito
 Biss GCH CH Cash's Bringin' Sexy Back
 Fantastik Dog Mafla Magis
GCH BISS CH B-Loved Nothing But Net
 CH Beefeater's Muscle Man Of Imok
 CH B-Loved Talk Is Cheap
 B-Loved First Edition
 Ch Sochabulls Nifty Fifty
 Ch Lil'Boy's Hugs and Kisses
CH Jan's Keeper Of The Star's
 Jan's Red Hot Charmer
 Queen Of The Little Charmers
Deputy, IN 47230
812-794-4201 Jansbulldogs2000@hotmail.com www.jansbulldogs2000.com

Bulldog Stud JWilson's Wiseguy (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud JWilsons Wiseguy a Champion Bulldog Stud
 Cedar Lane Major League's RBI
 Major League Annie Ann
GCH Wilson-Dixon's WD 40
 Cedar Lane's Starbuck
 Wilson-Dixon Starstruck Stella
 Graybull's Mudslide Miles
 Chef's Let The Good Times Flow
 Jack-Pott Sicilian Kiss
Murf's Presley Peacemaker
 CH Wilson's Deuce Is Wild
 Wilson's Phoebe MadeYouLook
 Wilson PoBoys Lil Hannah
JWilson's Bulldogs
Joel Wilson
Shawnee, OK 74804
405-878-0128 JLWDVM@AOL.com JWilsonBulldogs.com

Bulldog Stud MBISS GCH Cymri Wild Rover O'Rourke (Printable Pedigree)
Bulldog Stud MBISS GCH Cymri Wild Rover ORourke a Champion Bulldog Stud
 CH Trimbull Zito
 GCH CH Cash's Bringin' Sexy Back
 Fantastik Dog Mafia Magia
GCH CH B-Loved Nothing But Net
 CH Beefeater's Muscle Man of Imok
 Ch B-Loved Talk Is Cheap
 B-Loved First Edition
 CH PheniX's Chief Snow Bear
 GCH CH Cymri Slo Poke
 Cymri Ginger Snap
CH Cymri Orange Blossom O'Rourke HOF
 CH Benchmark Bulldogs Cowboy Casanova
 Cymri Apple Brown Betty CGC HOF
 Cymri By The Grace Of God
Cymri Bulldogs
Judy Claytor
Dallas, TX 75218
214-693-4447 judy@cymribulldogs.com www.cymribulldogs.com

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Font A Noses bulldogs
David Kauffman
David Kauffman
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