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Chocolate Labrador retriever Puppy Service Training - Tragedy to Triumph

by Nathan 13. April 2010 19:55

Chocolate Labrador retriever Puppy Service Training - Tragedy to Triumph

There have been a lot of inmates that pass through the Saint Francis Service Dogs Prison Pups Program, but no inmates have been touched by the program as much as John Bumgarner.

 John, an inmate who is serving time for numerous larceny and breaking and entering convictions has found joy in this program.  John is one of the original puppy trainers when the Service Dog Prison Pups Program started in 2002. 

John as rose to become a leader in the puppy training program, and you will find his cell stocked full with literature on puppy raising, and dog training.  John’s has said working with puppies has brought him back in touch with being human again. 

Bumgarners only request while being in the program was to raise a chocolate Labrador puppy, and in 2007 his wish became true when a chocolate Lab puppy was donated by a breeder to Saint Francis.  The chocolate Labrador retriever was named Summer Rose in honor of John’s daughter who had been killed in an accident while her dad was serving time.  John was so very happy for his new puppy and thanks the donating Labrador Breeder over and over.  No one had any idea that his time of happiness was soon going to end due to his death at age 42 of a heart attack.

John was revered at the prison by his fellow puppy training inmates and guards alike.  The inmates rallied around Summer Rose and would give the chocolate lab every opportunity they could to become a service dog if the life of a service dog was in Summer Rose.

We are happy to announce that on April 8 2010, Summer Rose – the living tribute Chocolate Labrador retriever puppy has passed her service certification test and has become a real blessing to Frank Pividal of Roanoke Va.



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